Titan Woolpress


Please note that this product exceeds the weight limit. Please contact our office on 03 5448 8751 to arrange a quote on freight.



Working Height – 2830 mm.    Transport Height – 2000 mm.    Width – 1050 mm.    Length – 1860 mm.   Weight – 650 KG approx.   Pump – Variable displacement piston pump.


Latest Features.

Split Box for easy bale removal.  Hydraulic Automatic Pinning.   Bushed Alloy Steel Pins.   Heavy Duty 3 mm Box Construction.   Built in safety and overload system.   Incorporates the trusted Iconix Weight Systems.   Replaceable low cost Pin Wear Guides, reducing pin wear and box damage.   Double Solid Brass Ram Guide to eliminate ram lateral movement, reducing Pin Damage caused by uneven loading.  Heavy Duty Hardox door locking, originally designed for contractor use only, is now fitted to all models.   Built from the highest Quality Steel and Components.